Fresh Sugar cane

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Sugar cane/Mía tươi

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Long and narrow Sugar Cane Swizzles are creamy tan to yellow in color and about the length of a drinking straw. They are firm enough to stand up in a glass or hold up for use as skewers for kebabs yet have a slight give to them when chewed. They are moist with a fibrous texture and have a sweet, sugary flavor.

Swizzle Sugar Cane is available year-round.

Use sugar cane swizzles to add sweetness when stirring coffee, ice teas, hot chocolate or other beverages, hot or cold. Perfect for use as edible garnish in tropical cocktails. Use in lieu of wooden sticks for skewering meats, vegetables and fruits when making kebabs. To store, keep in an airtight container.

Ethnic/Cultural Info
In Tibet sugar cane was known as 'sa-kar' and in China it was known as 'Kanche'.