Rose apple

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Mận đỏ/ ชมพู่ แดง

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Thai Wax apples/water apples are bell-shaped when ripe and their skin color may range from black to purple to red to pale green. A ripe, healthy wax apple will display a light sheen, resembling a wax coating. The Thai Wax apple/water apple has a flavor similar to an Asian pear, with a watermelon-like texture. Protruding slightly at the blossom end, the Wax apple has a large seed cavity, often removed before serving

Thai Wax apples/water apple are available year-round.

Current Facts
Also called the love apple, Jamaican apple, water apple, maple apple, otaheite apple, and mountain apple. In Taiwan and China it is known as lianwu, chomphu in Thailand, and jamalac in French. Growing on the Syzygium samarangense, a large tropical tree, Thai Wax apples are the fruiting, edible berry that develop in clusters at any point along the tree.

Nutritional Value
Thai Wax apples have been found to contain oleanolic acid. The root is effective against dysentery, and may be used as a diuretic.

Thai Wax apples/water apples are served fresh, often uncut, with the core removed.