Mango kiew sa woi

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Xoài xanh ngọt/ มะม่วงเขียวเสวย ลูกใหญ่ๆ สวยๆ

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Mango Kiew Sa Woi grow in clusters at the end of long stems. The medium-sized tree that produces the Mango Kiew Sa Woi is very productive and disease-resistant. The mangoes are small in size and range from a light green to a deeper green in color, even when ripe. Mango Kiew Sa Woi are typically eaten when young and crunchy in texture, boasting a favorable sweet flavor and a fiberless texture.

Mango Kiew Sa Woi are available for a brief period in the summer months.

Current Facts
Mango Kiew Sa Woi is botanically classified under the Mangifera indica species, and is known locally in Thailand as Pram Kai Mea. This mango is often referred to as the “candy mango” for its sweet taste. Mango Kiew Sa Woi are eaten when just mature, while still green and before any color changes on the skin of the fruit; this is referred to as “raw”.

Nutritional Value
Mangoes contain enzymes that are beneficial for digestion and they are rich in potassium and magnesium. Mangoes also contain vitamins B6, C and other important vitamins. Mangoes are high in iron and folate.

In Thailand, the raw Mango Kiew Sa Woi are almost always eaten with a dipping sauce. The two most popular are ‘prik gleua’, a mix of salt, sugar and dried chili, and ‘nam pla wan,’ a blend of chilli, fish sauce and palm sugar, heated until a caramel consistency. Mango Kiew Sa Woi are also used to make ice cream and juices. Raw mangoes can be dried or pickled to preserve. Mango Kiew Sa Woi are best enjoyed before they fully ripen. They are picked when mature and ready to eat. Mango Kiew Sa Woi mangoes will ripen at room temperature in about four to six days.