Baby corn

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Ngô non/ ข้าวโพดอ่อน

Product code VEG037

Baby corn is very small, around 3 three to 4 inches in size. It can be found still in its small husk or shucked. The ear is very flexible and its kernels extremely small, still firmly attached to the core. Baby corn has a mild taste, because the sugars have yet to develop.

Baby corn is available in the spring and summer.

Current Facts
Baby corn is a miniature version of the typical corn on the cob roasted at late summer barbeques. Baby corn is grown and harvested primarily for the novelty of its size. Baby corn is picked at a very early point in the growing process for regular stalks of corn. Baby corn is picked before fertilization, a couple of days after the corn silks emerge from the developing husks.

Baby corn is most often prepared whole. It can be steamed and sautéed, or used fresh in salads. Baby corn is also well-suited for pickling. Cut into half-inch sections and add Baby corn to vegetable stir-fry dishes. To store, keep refrigerated for up to one week. Use or freeze immediately after preparing.