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Chà ôm/ ชะอม

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Cha-om is a tropical shrub-like plant, with a look similar to that of a fern. The plant itself can grow up to 5 meters, or 16 feet in height. The long stalks of Cha-om have feathery leaves at the top, where the tender, new shoots emerge. The older stems grow thorns, so care should be taken. In Thailand, vendors selling the vegetable will wrap the stalks in banana leaves and secure with twine to keep customers from pricking their hands with the thorns. The aroma of Cha-om is not necessarily a pleasant one; one name refers to the plant as “stinky leaf.” The overwhelming fragrance is diminished with cooking, but can be rather potent when raw.

Cha-om is available year round in tropical climates, and during the spring and summer months in cooler climates.

Current Facts
Cha-om is an herbaceous vegetable, related to legumes, that grows throughout tropical Southeastern Asia. The plant is a member of the acacia family, and is botanically classified as Acacia pennata. It is sometimes called Climbing Wattle or in Hindi, Agla Bel or Biswal. Cha-om is sometimes known by its botanical synonym, Senegalia pennata.

Nutritional Value
Cha-om is a vitamin-rich vegetable, containing high amounts of vitamin A, calcium and iron, as well as vitamins B and C. The herb is also a good source of fiber and phosphorus. Cha-om contains various beneficial nutrients, such as beta sitosterol, which helps lower cholesterol and promotes prostate health, and tannins, which are anti-microbial and have antioxidant properties.

Cha-om is a nutritional staple for the people of Thailand. The herb is traditionally added to eggs, in a dish called khai jiao Cha-om (or acacia omelet), it is very similar to a frittata or an egg casserole. The tops are plucked from the stem, seasoned, and added to the eggs prior to cooking. Once cooked, khai jiao Cha-om is cut into squares for serving. The fragrant omelet is served over rice, dipped in a spicy Thai chili sauce, or served in a bowl of Thai sour curry. Store fresh Cha-om in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic, for up to a week.